Hops, Skitch and a Jump

The Brasserie L’Oustau style and menu, explained in an earlier article, can be traced to ancient French breweries; the proprietors would have developed menus to serve customers sampling the beer – the “Hops” in the title of this article.

The “Skitch” refers to the Brasserie L’Oustau bar itself which had been owned by reknowned musician and composer Skitch Henderson in New York City. Although the address or business name can’t be confirmed, the bar was purchased at auction in the late 1980s by the family who constructed our building, thus making the “Jump” to Vermont. Word creativity aside, the bar is one of the more salient features of Brasserie L’Oustau and fully dominates the eastern half of the restaurant’s interior.

Skitch Henderson came to visit his relocated bar before his death in 2005.

The handsome mahogany bar features three tall backboard mirrors separated and framed by stained glass oval sconces, and the carving details are bold enough to be noticed but not distract from its expansive top. It is truly a beautifully balanced piece of furniture.

The wood has been maintained and repaired over the years but it has not been refinished and retains its antique character and proof of years of appreciation. We look forward to adding many more years of appreciation and would love your help.

A detail of the base of the bar and brass foot rail.


3 thoughts on “Hops, Skitch and a Jump

  1. My grandparents Larry and Laney Davis happened to purchase this beautiful bar in Brooklyn NY at a warehouse not at some auction. The bar was over 100 hundred years old when my grandparents purchased it. Skitch and his wife happened to come to Laney’s restaurant and enjoy a wonderful drink at his own bar.

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