Where Cocktails Come From, and Where They Go

It’s Springtime and we’ve introduced a new cocktail menu. To say our customers appreciate it would be too formal and too mild; let’s just say that people are drinking it up!

What makes this cocktail menu so successful is that it reflects the trend in cocktails. An urban trend realized in rural Vermont.

The reason cocktail trends originate in cities is a simple one. Change comes from the young, the young mostly live and play in the city and the city has more restaurants and bars than, well, anything except ATMs. Most importantly, young urbanites won’t drink a cocktail just because it’s new; it has to be good and it has to fit within their generation’s larger trends of fashion, lifestyle and personal expression. It has to be fresh and unique and edgy, just like they are.

The Fellini Bellini, served on Mother’s Day 2012.

When it was time to update the Brasserie L’Oustau cocktail menu from cold-weather potions to more sprightly spirits for warmer months, we requested recommendations from as many reliable sources as we could find – servers, bartenders, managers, friends, journals and professional publications from far and wide. We discovered that pear and peach are this year’s cutting edge flavors so we included the Bella Pear Martini and Fellini Bellini. If someone likes a cocktail with lemon or lime, we have the newly inspired Ipanema Caipiroska and Leblon Caipirinha. After all, we like to add a little crispness to the warm summer breezes at Brasserie L’Oustau.

The cocktails do more than reflect the weather and trends of the day; they need to coordinate with the menu. In May, when the New England weather more consistently turned from winter to warmer, it was time to redesign the lunch and dinner menus and we incorporated ingredients that would be in season and welcome during the Spring and Summer. The lighter, sweeter, more aromatic dishes of Spring replaced the heavier comfort foods from colder months. It was a perfect time to bring the cocktails into the light as well with fruit purees, acidic touches and carbonation.

Our outdoor tables are a perfect place to dine during the warmer months, and we look forward to the pastels and bubbles of our seasonal cocktails adding a touch of celebration to the fresh Vermont breezes, warming sunlight and seasonal menus.


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